Transition, The Final Phase of Development,

We are finally about to move to the next phase of our mission.  A mission started in 2006 by Burgeon Enterprises.   Words AfterWords is owned and operated by Burgeon Enterprises an Arkansas Corporation with local shareholders interested in fostering sustainable business growth in our area.  Burgeon’s mission is to birth new ventures in the Spring River Area, get them operating in a sustainable fashion (cash flowing) and then transition the business to a passionate owner willing to maintain the success and grow it further.


Words AfterWords is now ready for that next phase of operation, “transitioning to a passionate owner”.  Words AfterWords is strong Brand in the Spring River Area and a unique Cafe’ Catering operation for motivated and passionate owner.   A purchase can be accomplished in many different ways.  One of which, could be to purchase the facility out right.  As another option, Burgeon will consider a “lease to own” model to qualified candidates.   Either way, it starts with a new owner candidate.

The listing may be found at

In the meantime, we will continue serving you our customers.  We are very happy to be at this phase in our business development and happy that Words AfterWords is such a great initial offering…….