Transition, The Final Phase of Development,

We are finally about to move to the next phase of our mission.  A mission started in 2006 by Burgeon Enterprises.   Words AfterWords is owned and operated by Burgeon Enterprises an Arkansas Corporation with local shareholders interested in fostering sustainable business growth in our area.  Burgeon’s mission is to birth new ventures in the Spring River Area, get them operating in a sustainable fashion (cash flowing) and then transition the business to a passionate owner willing to maintain the success and grow it further.


Words AfterWords is now ready for that next phase of operation, “transitioning to a passionate owner”.  Words AfterWords is strong Brand in the Spring River Area and a unique Cafe’ Catering operation for motivated and passionate owner.   A purchase can be accomplished in many different ways.  One of which, could be to purchase the facility out right.  As another option, Burgeon will consider a “lease to own” model to qualified candidates.   Either way, it starts with a new owner candidate.

The listing may be found at

In the meantime, we will continue serving you our customers.  We are very happy to be at this phase in our business development and happy that Words AfterWords is such a great initial offering…….

Taking a Fall/Winter Break

This past weekend Beth and I took an action, we have been able to avoid since we opened in Hardy, AR 9 years ago, closing for the Fall/Winter Season.  During the tourist season May – August the area population grows 300 percent with summer residents, visitors and folks taking day trips to the area.  While we had a banner year for tourism this past summer, our fall “off-season” business has dropped off sharply.  Some of this is due to weather, some probably is economics and yet other is due to new competition.  Wearing my business HAT, I am concerned we may be getting crowded in areas like food.   As a economic developer and promoter of the Spring River Area, I am sure the situation will adjust itself for the better.  While we may not be participating during the correction, we’ll be there in the Spring.

Those that know us, also know that my wife Beth is going through some serious medical issues that we both must concentrate on for the next several months. Also while I trust my staff, past experience with extended absences from the Cafe’ have shown beth greg siteman croppedthat the Cafe’ experiences hits to our quality, service and patronage.  Beth and I felt closing this time was better than having to possibly rebuild image following our extended absence.   We did layoff staff, but were happy to include recommendation letters with their paycheck and will support any requests for unemployment compensation.  Our goal is to reopen in the Spring of 2015 with a exciting new menu selection and service offering.

I will be posting updates as we get closer to our Spring ReOpening.  We do hope to be able to do a bit of special catering this fall especially continuing our Thanksgiving tradition of supplying roast turkey, ham and ribs off the smoker. We’ll be posting catering updates as we determine our capabilities.

October 13, 2014 we begin yet another “new normal”, thanks for being there while we figure it out!

Greg Bess

New Site Launch

Hey, this is the new site for Words AfterWords ( We streamlined the look, added some neat links plus a blog space. We launched Words AfterWords in 2006 on a wing and a big prayer. Back then, I figured I would put a web site in place when I got the time. I totally underestimated the need for a website and never got the time. In 2007 , a web savvy energetic young man named Jim Miller came along and rescued me. I have been using the foundation he built ever since.

Today, we are launching our new “clean” space. More white space with a mobile friendly interface and lots of links to all the social media and social interactive sites you could want. We worked hard to trial all the pages but with the many browsers and environments, its not possible to test every interaction. So please let us know of any issues you have. Plus we’d love to hear you comments.